Expressive Elocution  
Speaking for Success           by Elise May
Expressive Elocution provides a safe, supportive environment for students to learn how to vocally explore and express themselves in a variety of situations.  Through age appropriate games and exercises for both listening skills and vocal production, students learn how to control and maximize specific aspects of their speech such as volume, speed, pitch and resonance.  They learn how to become objective listeners who can constructively criticize their own work.  Students also learn how to explore and pronounce sounds to clarify intent through their use in language. 

Dialect and accent reduction, physical awareness, breath control, stage fright, maintaining focus and engaging an audience are also explored.   

Standards-based classroom workshops/residencies and professional development are available. Expressive Elocution gives 3rd-12th grade students the tools to be heard, to be understood and to be confident.

ESL/ELL, college/job interview techniques and adult sessions are available
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